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Chef de Cuisine (gn) sailing ship

Croatia, Split
Restaurant Gourmet, Sea Cruises

The next route of the floating luxury hotel goes to the Mediterranean and starts already at the beginning of September. Your job will be to lead the kitchen crew through the entire day and provide culinary variety. You will have the task of disembarking in the ports and buying fresh regional products. Accordingly, your menu planning must be spontaneous and flexible. You will be supported by the crew of 10 employees. There will be just under 100 guests on board, plus 65 employees.


What are you doing as a Chef de Cuisine (gn) sailing ship concretely

  • Disciplined leadership of the team
  • Planning of the entire kitchen operation: from breakfast to tea time to dinner
  • Creativity: Basic foodstuffs are dispatched from Hamburg, everything else you procure yourself in the ports
  • Procurement of goods and organization storage
  • Quality control

This is you

  • you understand life on the ship
  • have already gained experience as a sous chef or chef de cuisine in the gourmet sector
  • have already managed a team of around 10 employees
  • has assertiveness
  • Teamwork is important to you and is lived by you
  • Very good command of written and spoken English
  • Seaworthiness
  • full vaccination protection incl. Booster against Covid-19

Our client offers

  • you decide on the length of the contract (at least 3 months)
  • fair payment
  • Single cabin
  • Arrival and departure will be organized and taken over
  • VISA organization by the employer
  • Board & Lodging free
  • Uniform is provided and cleaned daily free of charge


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