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Head Sommelier (gn) Swiss Alps

Swiss, Uri
5 Stars Hotel, Restaurant 1 star

Together with our cooperation partner in Switzerland we offer:

In the middle of the Swiss Alps 1200 positions are waiting for you. Mainly these come from the new and old world, but sake also plays a big role here. Because the whole luxury hotel is alpine-Asian oriented. There are four restaurants and bars, one of which has been awarded a Michelin star. The sommelier team consists of 3 people and is now looking for a new top. If you have already gained experience at a similar level and are looking for the next challenge in Switzerland, this job might be just the right one for you!

What are you doing as a Head Sommelier (gn) Swiss Alps concretely

  • Advice to our guests on wine selection and appropriate wine service
  • Further development of the high-quality and varied wine list
  • Preparation and implementation of wine tastings and other wine events
  • Implementation of wine training for employees
  • Wine cellar maintenance in collaboration with Cost Control
  • Strategic orientation of the wine list and calculation of all positions
  • Management Sommelier Teams
  • Adherence to targets in terms of merchandise input, inventory turnover and sales targets
  • Control of the mise en place of the wines in all F&B outlets.

This is you

  • Teamwork is important to you and is lived by you
  • Good knowledge of German and English, both written and spoken
  • Professional experience in 5 star hotel business or upscale gastronomy
  • Prior knowledge of Microsoft Office and hotel specific software.
  • Organized and assertive
  • Outgoing and dynamic personality
  • Graduation from a recognized sommelier school / WSET or many years of professional experience in a comparable position
  • Sales talent

Our client offers

  • fair payment
  • Employee accommodation can be provided
  • Staff Catering
  • young, open team


Does that sound like the right challenge for you? Is this your next career move? Yes? Then apply directly to us now using our form.




    Please fill in the fields below und send es your apllication files. We will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.



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