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Recruiting Consultant (gn)

Human recources, Sales / Industry

“For talent and our partners, we go the extra mile.” It is precisely with this vision that we have developed our market position. We stand for digital recruiting in the gourmet restaurant industry. Connecting the top 100 restaurants in the world with our community is our mission. For our development in France and Belgium we are looking for you ❤️

What are you doing as a Recruiting Consultant (gn) concretely

  • You build your own network
  • You recruit the best talents and ensure a perfect candidate experience
  • You manage your own projects and are a full member of our small team
  • You are able to communicate with the most famous personalities
  • You take over the permanent data maintenance in our CRM
  • You create company and job descriptions

This is you

  • a foodie, you are interested in good food, drinks and lifestyle
  • a talent for sales and marketing (training or studies)
  • a Millenial/Gen-Z, understand the goals and the desires of this generation
  • confident in using the full range of IT (social media, Pages, Keynote)
  • friendly, obliging and customer-oriented in communication
  • open-minded, curious and hard-working (nothing happens by itself)
  • you are fluent in French, you need English to communicate with us.

Our client offers

Due to our customer structure, we can work properly from double-digit hours onwards, for which you also have to
Communicate in the evening. We’re not about time served – get your job done! We are a small
company and work hard, we celebrate our success just as hard in return.

  • We take you to events and business trips
  • Our workplace consists of high-quality working material (Apple, Artemide, Vitra, iPhone)
  • We don’t hire talent to tell you what to do.
  • We expect commitment and knowledge, therefore we take care of your personal development
  • We compensate realistically and are very generous with our mutual success


Does that sound like the right challenge for you? Is this your next career move? Yes? Then apply directly to us now using our form.




    Please fill in the fields below und send es your apllication files. We will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

    ** We only save and process you contact data on behalf of contact and initial business contact. We will never give your data to third parties. You can always disagree to the storage of your contact data via e-mail to We will immediately delete your stored contact data as far as there are no legal terms of legal storage to be complied to. For further information regarding security of your data, please read our Data Security .

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