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Deputy Restaurant management (gn) Tegernsee

Bavaria, Germany
Restaurant 3 Stars

Our client is one of the 10 best restaurants in Germany. The small team of 5 in service provides world class service. Furthermore, the team is a hotbed of talent in top gastronomy. In order to continue to be successful there in the long term, all team members must be involved – face challenges positively. The restaurant delights 35 guests per service with independent cuisine and service. We are looking for a strong representative (gn) to support the restaurant management.


What are you doing as a Deputy Restaurant management (gn) Tegernsee concretely

  • Representation of the restaurant management
  • Guidance of the team and the trainees
  • Role model for attentive and friendly service on a world class level
  • Definition and implementation of the service ID
  • Besides the food selection also advice for drinks and wines
  • Support for national and international guests

This is you

  • Professional experience in the gourmet gastronomy
  • Team oriented and strong communicator
  • High reliability - role model for the team
  • Resilience even with always busy restaurant
  • high reliability, loyalty
  • Appropriate manners and appearance
  • Very good computer skills
  • very good knowledge of written and spoken English

Our client offers

  • Clothes are provided and cleaned
  • Furnished employee apartments with balcony, underground parking, washing machine and dryer
  • Discounts at the local gym
  • Company holidays: 3 weeks November; 3 weeks February / March
  • Mondays and Tuesdays closed


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    Austria, Vienna
    Restaurant 2 Stars

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    Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Swiss

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    Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Swiss

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    Restaurant 3 Stars