We accompany you in terms of your career planning – not as you may know it – instead we advise you in an honest and constructive way and what is more, free of charge. 

We don’t care about your current career position. You are Commis de Cuisine or hotel manager? – Amazing, then let’s talk!


Recruiting personnel in the upmarket gastronomy sector is time-consuming, cost-intensive and ties up capacities. Walnut Careers specialized in this business – we find talents. 

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Germany, Saarland
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Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Meet the Team

Walnut Careers

A warm welcome

I’m glad you’re here. Welcome to Walnut Careers, the leading headhunter for gourmet restaurants. The company was founded in Germany in 2014. We persistently pursue our goal of connecting talented people with the best possible employers in order to offer both sides sustainable added value. We achieve this goal with diligence and curiosity. Cooperation with us is always on an equal footing for all parties involved. We have high standards for ourselves and our work performance, are characterized by innovation and live friendly communication. Our team lives absolute transparency and is committed to each other. Our specialization enables us to grow profitably in international markets.

Why are we called Walnut Careers? We have our founder – Patrick Nottebaum – to thank for this. Nottebaum has a Dutch origin and means “nut tree”. One of these nuts is at home in the catering and hotel industry: the walnut. It can be found in gourmet restaurants as a table top or in luxury hotels as paneling for the front desk. Walnuts should be used with caution in a dish, as some people are allergic to them. In addition, the walnut is synonymous with “cracking hard nuts”; this is part of our daily work. We support international careers. It is therefore only logical that we combine this – Walnut Careers



What is your job?

We solve problems by bringing together the right talents and employers.

Who do you work with?

Our clients are luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants in Europe. We also work with people like you who are at home in this world.

What jobs can I find with you?

Our heart beats for F&B. Anyone who produces or serves great experiences has our heart. We don’t care at all where you are in your career. Are you a Commis de Cuisine or F&B Director? Wonderful, let’s talk!

Which countries are you traveling to?

Nothing is as constant as change. We are currently traveling in Europe, but we are constantly developing our range.

What secret places are there?

We only put a small proportion of our orders out to tender. Why is that? Some clients do not want certain jobs to be communicated publicly. This may be because the position is currently vacant or the client does not want others to know about the vacancy. This secret job market is bigger than you think!

What do I get out of a collaboration?

We take care of the communication and organization for you. We represent your interests and gather feedback and information for you. We organize interviews, trips and trial work. We will also help you with contract negotiations and show you what is possible. And if it doesn’t fit, then let’s talk again at the next step.

What do you do differently?

We provide you with information behind the scenes. We know the companies, our colleagues and have been on site. We have the real talk and know the weak points ourselves.

What do I have to do?

We would like to get to know you. For this we need your documents such as CV, certificates or references. This allows us to prepare ourselves optimally for the telephone call with you. If we then have communication at eye level, that’s it.

What will it cost me?

Nothing, except a little of your time and communication at eye level.

What if it doesn't fit this time?

No problem, we take it sportingly and don’t hold grudges. It must always suit all sides. And if it doesn’t work this time, then let’s talk again at the next step. We can deal with rejections and also take care of this communication for you.

Our Clients

Thanks to Walnut Careers everything went faster and less complicated than expected! Thanks a lot!

Sommelier – Wien

In Patrick Nottebaum & Walnut Careers we have found a competent partner who has enabled us to become better in the people business! Even difficult vacancies can be filled promptly and to a high standard with the help of Walnut Careers. Our needs are understood, communication is unbureaucratic and effective, the results are 100% right – thank you!

Sebastian Steuber – Sonne Frankenberg, Germany