We accompany you in terms of your career planning – not as you may know it – instead we advise you in an honest and constructive way and what is more, free of charge. 

We don’t care about your current career position. You are Commis de Cuisine or hotel manager? – Amazing, then let’s talk!


Recruiting personnel in the upmarket gastronomy sector is time-consuming, cost-intensive and ties up capacities. Walnut Careers specialized in this business – we find talents. 

Walnut Careers

What distinguishes us

Founded in 2014, Walnut Careers has grown to become the leading headhunter for the star gastronomy. We are focused on the sector concerning food and beverage personnel and we are also the only service provider able to cover this entire area. In doing so we can rely on a large network of international talents and clients. We stand out due to effective and uncomplicated communication. We do not define accessibility by our opening hours, instead we are available when you have time for us. We solve our tasks quickly and effectively and on top of that with an excellent price-performance ratio.


price-performance ratio




F&B focus

Meet the Team

Walnut Careers

Warmly Welcome

Nice to meet you. Welcome to Walnut Careers, the leading headhunter for star gastronomy. The company was founded in Germany in 2014. We are committed to connecting talents with the best possible employers in order to offer sustainable surplus values for both sides. We achieve this goal with hard work and curiosity. A cooperation is guaranteed at eye level. We have high expectations of ourselves and our work performance. Besides that we are characterized by innovation and friendly communication. Our team represents absolute transparency and is committed to support each other. Our specialisation enables a profit-making growth in many international markets.

Why is the company called Walnut Careers? That is due to our founder Patrick Nottebaum. Nottebaum has a Dutch origin and means “nut tree”. One of these nuts is integrated in the gastronomy and hotel business: the walnut. It can be found in gourmet restaurants for example as a table top or as well as in luxury hotels as a panelling for the front desk. But the walnut should be enjoyed with caution in a dish, as we know that some people are allergic to it. Walnut is also a synonym for “a hard nut to crack“, which is considered as a part of our daily work. We accompany international careers. That’s why it’s only logical that we combine this with each other – Walnut Careers.


Our Clients

Thanks to Patrick everything went faster and less complicated than expected! Thanks a lot!

Maria Rehermann – Restaurant Vendome, Germany

With Patrick Nottebaum & Walnut Careers, we have found a sovereign partner who has made it possible for us to become better in the people business! Even difficult vacancies can be filled promptly and qualitatively with the help of Walnut Careers. Our needs are understood, the communication is unbureaucratic and effective, the results fit 100% – thank you!

Sebastian Steuber – Ketschauer Hof, Germany