Questions from your perspective

This is the first time I’ve been in contact with a headhunter. What do they want from me? What’s in it for me and where are the pitfalls? Questions about questions….

What is our job?

We solve tasks by bringing together the right talents and employers.

Who are you working with?

Our clients are luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants in Europe. We also work with people like you who are at home in this world.

What kind of jobs can I find with you guys?

Our heart beats for F&B. Whoever produces or serves great experiences has our heart. It doesn’t matter to us at which point in your career you are. Are you a Commis de Cuisine or F&B Director? Wonderful, let’s talk!

Which countries do you work in?

Nothing is as constant as change. We are currently working in Europe, but we are constantly developing our offering.

What kind of secret jobs are there?

We write out only a small part of our searches. Why is that? Some clients do not want certain jobs to be communicated publicly. This may be because the position is currently filled or the client does not want others to know about this vacant position. This secret job market is bigger than you think!

What do I get out of working with you?

We take care of the communication and organization for you. We represent your interest, get feedback and information for you. We organize interviews, travel and the trial work. We also help you with contract negotiations and show you what is possible. And if it doesn’t fit, let’s talk again at the next step.

What are you doing differently?

From us you get the information behind the scenes. We know the companies, the colleagues and were on site. We have the real talk and know the weak points ourselves.

What do I have to do?

We would like to get to know you. For this we need your documents such as resume, certificates or references. This will help us to prepare for the phone call with you. If we then have communication at eye level, that’s it.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing, except a little of your time and communication at eye level.

What if it doesn't fit this time?

No big deal, we take it sportingly and don’t hold grudges. It always has to be right for all sides. And if it doesn’t fit this time, then let’s talk again at the next step. We can deal with cancellations and also take over this communication for you.


Our service is free of charge for our talents. Simply get in touch and exchange ideas. We will get back to you within 24 hours, we promise.


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