Recruiting personnel in the upmarket gastronomy sector is time-consuming, cost-intensive and ties up capacities. Walnut Careers specialized in this business – we find talents.


Everybody knows everybody. This is exactly the reason why we look after our network in this small and very well connected world. In doing so we use digital channels and social media for communication. We take our time whenever our talents manage to have time. Gladly we also offer our time on the weekends or evenings outside normal opening hours. And precisely because we do our job well, more and more talents want to work with us and place their trust in us. What more could you ask for?


Recruitment is people’s business, that’s why we attach great importance to know our clients personally. Before we start a cooperation we always conduct an audit to get to know our future clients personally. Thereby we receive all the information required for a successful marketing of your company. In doing so, we focus exclusively on the important questions for talents. Examples: Working hours, team size, look and feel of the workplace and benefits. This information is existential for a convenient HR work.


You do not bear any risks as well as you do not bear any costs during the search. Not before the contract has been signed between you and a suitable talent we will charge the agreed commission.


Sometimes it just does not fit for various reasons. Walnut Careers offers a free replacement within the first 3 months of employment. If we cannot manage to find an adequate talent, you will get your paid commission back without any ifs or buts.

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