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Sommelier (gn) Saarbrücken

Restaurant 2 Stars, Restaurant Gourmet

We at Walnut Careers are looking for a dedicated Sommelier (gn) for an innovative project in the upscale hospitality sector. The company we are recruiting for is planning to open an exceptional fine dining & bar concept and needs your expertise! The concept will serve a maximum of 40 guests in the restaurant and another 20 guests at the bar. The concept will offer a 4-day week with regular working hours (3x lunch service and 4x evening service from Wed – Sat).

What are you doing as a Sommelier (gn) Saarbrücken concretely

  • Overall responsibility for the smooth running of the restaurant operation
  • Advising guests on beverage issues
  • Selection and presentation of the wine accompaniment for the menus
  • Ensuring a high level of guest satisfaction through first-class service
  • Responsibility for compliance with quality standards and hygiene guidelines
  • Active participation in service during peak hours
  • Planning and implementation of internal events as well as participation in external events

This is you

  • Completed training as a sommelier (gn)
  • Dedication and passion for the cause
  • Attention and helpfulness
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • A professionally very solid education or young people who are open to new things Personalities or those who are looking for the space to develop themselves
  • Humor & pleasure in dealing with people

Our client offers

  • Attractive annual salary: net2.500€
  • Regulated vacation times (6 weeks company vacation per year)
  • Annual 1 week paid special leave for a stage in a top house in Europe
  • Above-tariff pay and opportunities for advancement
  • Free meals at the workplace and assistance in finding housing
  • Possibility of active participation and own initiative


Does that sound like the right challenge for you? Is this your next career move? Yes? Then apply directly to us now using the form.


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