20. November 2023

Mixology Bar Awards 2024: Berlin is in the spotlight

Berlin dominated during the 17th Mixology Bar Awards. Six coveted trophies went to capital city bars and bartenders.

Neukölln’s “Wax On”, run by Sam Orrock, shone as the highlight of the evening. The bar took the title of “Bar of the Year – Germany”, as well as the awards for “Bar Team of the Year” and Damien Guichard as “Bartender of the Year”. Such an award hat-trick has only happened once before in the history of the Mixology Bar Awards.

Additional Berlin winners are the Charlottenburg “Provocateur”, which won two awards for “Hotel Bar of the Year” and “Newcomer of the Year” (Roxanne Helm), and Thomas Pflanz from the “Hildegard Bar”, who was named “Host of the Year”.

Hamburg and Frankfurt also stood out: Hamburg’s “Jing Jing” shone as “New Bar of the Year”, while Frankfurt’s “Yaldy” was named “Restaurant Bar of the Year”. Other prizes went to bars and personalities from cities such as Zurich and Munich.

The other winners of the evening include:

Bar of the year – Austria: Truth & Dare, Vienna
Bar of the year – Switzerland: Herz, Basel
Bar institution of the year: Bar Gabányi, Munich
Brand ambassador of the year: Steffen Zimmermann, Schweppes
Bar menu of the year: No Idea, Zurich
New spirit / New bar product of the year: Discarded

The triumphs of the young bars “Truth & Dare” in Vienna and “Herz” in Basel underline the increasing presence of modern and progressive bars in the Alpine countries. Both bars combine quality and contemporary style.

The evening was a milestone for bar culture, especially for Berlin, which is asserting itself as a flagship of bar excellence.

(Source Mixology)