In a professional kitchen, there are several positions that relate to different tasks and responsibilities. Some of the most common sections in a kitchen are:

  1. Chef: This is the highest position in the kitchen and the Chef is responsible for organizing, planning and executing the daily operations. He is also responsible for designing the menu, selecting ingredients and monitoring the quality of the food.
  2. Sous chef: The sous chef is the deputy of the chef and takes over the chef’s duties when the chef is not present. He is also responsible for overseeing daily operations and training kitchen staff.
  3. Chef de Partie: A Chef de Partie is responsible for a specific station in the kitchen, such as the Gardemanger station (appetizers), the Entremetier station (side dishes), the Poissonier station (fish), or the Patisserie station (desserts). He is responsible for the preparation and cooking of the food on his station.
  4. Commis: A Commis is a beginner in the kitchen and works under the guidance of a Chef de Partie. Responsible for preparing ingredients and performing simpler tasks.
  5. Kitchen Aide: A kitchen aide is responsible for cleaning and tidying up the kitchen. It also assists in preparing ingredients and washing dishes and cutlery.
  6. Dishwasher: Dishwashers are responsible for cleaning and washing dishes, silverware, and glasses and also assist in cleaning up and preparing the kitchen.

There may be other positions or departments in the kitchen depending on the size and type of restaurant, such as a cleaning team or a separate department for ingredient purchasing.


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Italy, South Tyrol

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Germany, Lower Saxony
Restaurant 1 star

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Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia
Restaurant 1 star

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Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate