A rotisseur is a chef who specializes in the preparation of fried and grilled foods in the kitchen. Works under the Chef de Partie and is responsible for preparing roasted and grilled dishes such as steaks, chicken, lamb, and poultry. He is also responsible for the proper preparation of the cuts of meat, choosing the right oils and spices, and supervising the grilling or roasting process.

A rotisseur must be knowledgeable in various techniques of preparing fried and grilled foods, such as roasting, grilling, smoking, and braising. He must also have knowledge in the processing of meat, poultry and lamb to prepare them in perfect quality. He must also be knowledgeable in the use of spices and flavors to enhance the flavors of the food.

A rotisseur must also have the skills and experience to be creative and come up with new ideas for roasted and grilled dishes to enhance the restaurant’s menu and impress guests. He is also responsible for organizing and supervising the work at his station, as well as maintaining sanitary standards and using ingredients in an efficient manner.


In a professional kitchen, experienced chefs take on various positions to organize daily operations and ensure that guests are impressed with quality food and service. The Chef de Cuisine is in charge of the overall management of the kitchen, the Sous Chef supports the work of the Chef de Cuisine, the Chef de Partie is in charge of a specific station such as Gardemanger, Poissonier, Saucier, Patissier and Entremetier. The Chief Tournant supervises and coordinates work at various stations. Each post has its own responsibilities and tasks that help keep the kitchen running smoothly.