Young Hospitality Talents

At Walnut Careers, we have been supporting young talents from the hospitality industry on their way to the top since 2014. Whether you join us straight after your training or after graduating from culinary school, we will help you take your career in top gastronomy or the luxury hotel industry to the next level.

Whether you work in the kitchen, service, sales or room service, we will pave the way for you. Thanks to our audits and our extensive network, we know the companies inside out and know exactly which steps are strategically correct. Our experience in developing numerous careers enables us to show you the best opportunities and salaries.

Our close cooperation with the best restaurants and luxury hotels in Europe and our deep understanding of the industry make us your ideal partner. We know which skills and qualifications are in demand and support you in developing and applying them in a targeted manner.

Don’t worry about costs: Our support is free of charge for talented people, even if we don’t earn any money from the placement. We see your advancement as an investment in you and your future. Because we believe in the potential of our talents and know that the world is small – maybe one day you will become our client. We will then work together again to support even more talents on their way to the top.

With Walnut Careers at your side, you have a partner who knows your goals and accompanies you every step of the way. We are proud to be a part of your success story and look forward to supporting you on your career path. Start your journey with us and experience how we can realize your dreams in the hospitality industry together.