20. November 2023

Farewell to a gastronomy legend: Peter Goossens from Hof van Cleve

Peter Goossens Hof van Cleve

An era is coming to an end: Peter Goossens and his wife Lieve are saying goodbye to their renowned restaurant Hof van Cleve at the end of this year. For 37 years, they have shaped the top of the Belgian gourmet scene with incomparable passion and dedication for their guests. This unprecedented career has been rewarded with top ratings from Michelin, Gault&Millau and other culinary bodies.

A legacy that goes far beyond the plate

Their importance for gastronomy is not limited to exceptional dishes and moments that their guests will treasure forever. Over the years, Peter and Lieve have trained a whole generation of top chefs, some of whom will be behind the stove at Flanders Finest.

A fitting tribute

Before they leave, Flanders Finest wants to pay a special tribute to the Goossens couple. They will attend an exclusive event at the Knokke-Heist Casino as guests of honor.

Impressive lineup

The list of chefs is absolutely breathtaking! Two three-star chefs (Viki Geunes from Zilte and Tim Boury from Boury), five two-star chefs (Nick Bril from The Jane, Maarten Bouckaert from Castor, Michaël Vrijmoed from Vrijmoed, Gert De Mangeleer from Hertog-Jan, Angelo Rosseel from La Durée) and five one-star chefs (Edwin Menue from Cuines 33, Marcelo Ballardin from Oak, Martijn Defauw from Rebelle, Timon Michiels from Carcasse, Frederik Deceuninck from Sel Gris).