20. November 2023

Gastronomy? I’m off then….

We have been working as scouts in the catering industry for over five years. Over the years, there has always been a constant quota of talented people who have opted for a new path away from the restaurant.

COVID has significantly accelerated this effect. During the lockdown, people were able to experience how nice it is to go shopping at regular times. Meeting friends and family and looking forward to the weekend on Fridays.

This effect is particularly noticeable in service. “I’m a waitress in a gourmet restaurant” isn’t that sexy of a story among friends either. Little fame, hard working hours and fewer and fewer tips come at a price.

For us as a service provider, our service tasks are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to solve. So our tip: Treat your employees as you would like to be treated. With respect and appreciation. Otherwise they will soon be in the lecture hall, the fire department or a law firm….