20. November 2023

Incantare ** in Heiden closes February 2024

The renowned restaurant Incantare in the Gasthaus zur Fernsicht in Heiden, Switzerland, will close its doors at the end of February 2024, a significant moment for the European gastronomy scene. Under the leadership of Tobias Funke, Executive Chef and Managing Director, Incantare has established itself as a culinary beacon and has been awarded 18 Gault Millau points, two Michelin stars and a green Michelin star for sustainability for its outstanding creations.

This decision follows a lengthy but unsuccessful search for a suitable successor by the owners Fredy and Sabine Grossauer and by Tobias Funke himself, marking the end of nine successful years. During this time, Tobias Funke and his team have turned the restaurant into one of the highlights of the European gastronomy scene.

Tobias Funke, known for his high standards and close collaboration with local producers, has shaped Incantare with a combination of tradition and innovation as well as a dedication to Swiss Alpine cuisine. He is one of Switzerland’s top star chefs and was named the youngest newcomer to Gault Millau in 2011. His cuisine is characterized by the use of specially selected or grown international products, which are always combined in new ways to create unique culinary experiences.

The announcement of the closure came as a surprise not only to the team, but also to the entire industry, leaving many people pondering. For Tobias Funke and his team, this means a period of reorientation and the search for new challenges.

The closure of Incantare is a reminder of the constant change in the world of haute cuisine and underlines the importance of adaptability and innovation in the restaurant industry. It also offers an opportunity to explore new avenues and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Incantare will be remembered as a place where culinary excellence, innovation and a passion for craftsmanship took center stage.