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Chef de Rang (gn) Munich

Bavaria, Germany
Restaurant 2 Stars, Restaurant Gourmet

Are you ready to take your hospitality career to the next level? Do you want to be part of an innovative and passionate team dedicated to creating exceptional culinary experiences? Then this position as Chef de Rang could be just right for you!

Our client is a premier restaurant, located in a busy area full of small restaurants and cafes. The restaurant used to be a retail store and now seats 25-35 guests. It has a large window fronting the street, which makes it super bright.

What are you doing as a Chef de Rang (gn) Munich concretely

  • Responsibility for the smooth service process
  • Professional advice to guests on the selection of food and beverages
  • Ensuring excellent guest service
  • Execution of the mise en place in the own service station
  • Active participation in all tasks arising in the service area

This is you

  • A completed apprenticeship in the hotel industry or gastronomy is desirable, but not mandatory
  • You have already gained experience as Chef de Rang
  • You have excellent manners and a well-groomed appearance
  • You speak fluent German and good English skills are an advantage
  • You are resilient, flexible and maintain an overview even in stressful situations
  • A high degree of initiative and organizational skills round off your profile

Our client offers

  • An attractive annual salary of €38,400
  • A 4-day work week with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off
  • A working time of 42.5 hours per week
  • 13 salaries per year, divided into half vacation and Christmas bonuses
  • 30 days vacation per year
  • Seven weeks of company vacations (probably three weeks in August)
  • Days off over Christmas up to and including New Year’s Eve
  • Tips are distributed evenly among all kitchen and service employees


Does that sound like the right challenge for you? Is this your next career move? Yes? Then apply directly to us now using the form.


    Please fill in the fields below und send es your apllication files. We will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.



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