20. November 2023

When the herd comes…

What happens when the herd arrives?

Everyone is up for it. A desire for people, drinks, gastronomy and an end to isolation. Even if it sounds a little far-fetched at the moment: #gastronomy, do your homework.

We expect a digital #reopening, just like after the 1st lockdown. With a lead time of 3 days from zero to one hundred. It doesn’t hurt to warm up slowly, especially in your head. So here are the topics we have often heard in conversations:

👉 Get your employees on board and ideally already partly from the KuG. When the restaurant is full, active and alert employees are required!

👉 Exchanges with suppliers make sense. Availability of goods and prices are a major issue before the lockdown at the latest. Whoever is already in the conversation wins!

👉 What conditions might I have to deal with? Was I in a good position after the first lockdown? Tracing and guest traceability will again be an issue.